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I live in Australia and have been a fan since ABBA first appeared on TV here in 1975. Follow my blogs for ABBA updates and check out my ABBA website ABBA Fanatic !

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I created this Blog as a catalogue for articles and clippings about ABBA from Australian newspapers and magazines from the 70's. If you have any articles you would like to share, please email them to me to be included.
I am also interested in buying any Aussie articles or scrapbooks. Just drop me a line.

Feb 14, 2011

ABBA Secrets Of Love

Herald 1976

The ABBA Epidemic - Like The Flu

Guess it kind of was - even maybe still is :)

The Fantastic Four

Herald - 5 March 1977

Just The Ticket As An ABBA Souvenir

This is for all those people that like to sell Australian concert tickets and say they are genuinely hand autographed ...
We were so lucky to have such great tickets .. ABBA pic on front, signatures on the back .. totally unique to Australia :)

Feb 12, 2011


About time Britain caught up !

Cuddly Roo Prefers ABBA Blonde

Agnetha at Taronga Zoo in Sydney 1976
Kangaroos prefer blondes ? Now I've heard it all :)

National Ad Campaign

Another advertisement for National TV's
They seem quite expensive for 1978 don't they ?

Vicky's The Girl Who Knows

Vicky Jones talks about the ABBA Special 'The Best Of ABBA'
Those who have seen Matti's original promo for his doco will recognise her as the one who 'still tries to get the movements right'

'ABBA The Movie' Countdown

'ABBA The Movie'
Cinema release countdown 1978 ..
remember how exciting it was ?

ABBA Posters Ad

TV Week - 2nd October 1976
Does everyone have these ?
I have 2 of them :)